TDA2030 vs TDA2050 vs LM1875 

TDA2030 vs TDA2050 vs LM1875

TDA2030 vs TDA2050 vs LM1875 are the same as compared to its circuits, you can replace the TDA2030 IC with another tda2050 IC.

But it has a problem...

Only the amplifier circuit remains the same but not parameters like output watt, power supply voltage and current delivery are different, comparing between these three ICs.

When you are planning to change the IC at a circuit, you need to change the main circuit components and also the power supply section.

TDA2030 is a common amplifier IC type.

When we compare TDA2030 vs TDA2050 vs LM1875 ICs, they all have the difference in output power, voltage capacity, and output current.

At TDA2030 has a maximum voltage of 36 volts and TDA2050 IC with 50 volts, and then our LM1875 IC with a 60-volt capacity?

 We replace the TDA2030 IC with TDA2050 or LM1875 ICs; it will affect the capacitor by increasing the voltage towards maximum, corresponding to that we need to replace the whole power supply unit.

These 3 ICs had different output wattages; speaker or subwoofer values will have to change, coping with amplifier output.






Working volt

36 v single

or ± 18

50 v single

or ± 25

supply range 16V to 60V

Output watts


32 W to 50 W

30 w

Output peak current

3.5 A

5 A

4 A


Replacing TDA2030 IC with TDA2050 IC is possible at a circuit because the overall schematic arrangement is almost the same at these circuits except, in case of power supply arrangement, TDA2030 and TDA2050 ICs will work under different voltage ranges and deliver various wattage rangers, so we need to modify the power supply and as the result components at the amplifier circuit also change.

This same principle can be applied at interchange replacement between TDA2030, TDA2050 and LM1875, they all have different Power ranges, so they need various voltage values, due to this property, tiny changes are needed at Circuit arrangement. But we had a large possibility to interchange each ICs with another at a circuit.

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