Tda2030 power supply

Tda2030 power supply

Tda2030 power supply circuits are basically very simple at the constitution, but everyone thinks it is complicated to made and implement. Tda2030 ICs works under two different modes of power supply types namely, single power supply, and dual or split power supply.


More variety of amplifier circuits are available on the internet, which is works under both these Power supply types. But voltage and current rating will vary, at the same time Power supply circuit also changes


 In this article, we explain only 4 circuits.


1.     TDA2030 14w amplifier with single power supply

2.     TDA2030 14 w amplifier with dual power supply

3.     TDA2030 transistor amplifier with single power supply

4.     TDA2030 bridged amplifier with power supply


All four in this list of amplifier circuits, TDA2030 IC used amplifiers are main, so they need a different range of voltage and current ratings, power supplies designed according to these factors.

Tda2030 14w amplifier with single power supply

Tda2030 14w amplifier with single power supply.

This circuit works on the single power supply. TDA2030 has 5 pins, and its 5th and 3rd pins marks as the power supplies.


They provide a Wide-range of supply voltage variants up to 36 V, but this circuit only needs a maximum of 24 volts. So we design a TDA2030 power supply circuit for this amplifier.

Power supply circuit

Tda2030 power supply

This power supply circuit needs only 1 amp of current because it is categorized as a mono amplifier.

Circuit diagram working

Working of 3 sections

1.     230 v ac to 18 v ac

2.     AC to dc converter

3.     Filter bank

First, we need a transformer to step down the 230 volts to 18 AC, it is a mono amplifier so we select 1 amp current at the transformer.

The output of the transformer is connected to the rectifier section, then it converts the ac into dc.

And the next step is filtration, it is done by a capacitor bank.

TDA2030 14 watts amplifier with dual power supply

Tda2030 power supply

 The TDA2030 amplifier circuit are been working on the dual power supply. Compare with the first circuit, schematic wise they are same, except the power supply section. This particular TDA2030 amplifier working under the dual power supply.

What is a dual power supply????????? 

Normally, all projects need the only single power supply for operation, but some of the amplifiers and op amp need a dual power supply.


The normal power supplies have only two output terminals namely +ve positive and -ve negative, but dual power supplies have 3  terminal outputs like +ve / GND / -ve.


TDA2030 14watt amplifier circuit

This amplifier circuit working on a split power supply or dual power supply and this circuit can capable to produce 14 watt output power.

This circuit needs three types of power supply terminals i.e. +15 v, GND, -15v.

 Power supply pins of the TDA2030 IC are the 5th and 3rd, so we connect the +15v into the 5th pin and -15v into 3rd pin, and last the GND is connected to the circuit ground.

Tda2030 power supply circuit

Tda2030 power supply

The first amplifier circuit is using a single power supply, in this condition we only a normal transformer. But this power supply is different compare to the first.

At this circuit we using a center-tapped transformer, it has 3 outputs.

Center tapped transformer can produce 15 - 0 - 15 AC output, it is suitable for this tda2030 amplifier.

Then, the output of the transformer is connected into a rectifier section and it converts ac signal to dc signal.

The filtration process at the rectifier is done by an electrolyte capacitor.  Increase the capacitance to reduce the noise at the output.

This circuit works on 1 amp current, so we use a 1N4001 diode at the rectifier section, which is suitable for 1amp application.

TDA2030 transistor amplifier with single power supply

TDA2030 transistor amplifier with single power supply

This amplifier producing more power compared to the other two amplifiers, and also this circuit is simple and the low budget

Tda2030 single power supply amplifier is working voltage is 24 to 36, 1 ampeare. This circuit includes an extra transistor for extra power. This transistor is configured as a push-pull mode. So the voltage of the amplifier is the same but the ampere was increased.

This circuit needs 3 amperes for mono mode, you are planning to convert this into stereo, just increase the ampere 3 to 5. This configuration the output is a good result.


Power supply circuit working

Tda2030 power supply

The circuit working is same as another tda2030 power supply circuit but the components will change because this circuit has delivered 3 ampere


This circuit need 24 to 36-volt dc so will are select 18 - 0, 3-ampere transformer


The next step is rectification, normally we are using 1n4001 diode for rectification, 1n4001 diode only suitable for 1 ampere applications.


So this circuit we using 1N5401 or 6a10 diode, it capable for 3 amp or you can select bridge ic


TDA2030 bridge amplifier power supply

TDA2030 bridge amplifier power supply

Tda2030 bridge amplifier is working on the dual power supply. This amplifier circuit was working is two tda2030 amplifier ic, so we design a suitable 3-ampere power supply for this circuit.

Tda2030 power supply


This circuit you can use 18-0-18 3 ampere transformer or 12-0-12 4 ampere transformer.

In this article we have to make both circuits, you can select anyone.

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